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released October 19, 2013

produced, recorded & mixed by philT
recorded at Faust Recordings - Prague, Ghost City Recordings - Nuremberg and philTs House
mastered by Jürgen Lusky at House Of Audio



all rights reserved


Defy The Laws Of Tradition Nuremberg, Germany

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Track Name: GameChanger
Dear diary, yesterday as my daddy came up to me, he said „Wanna play?“ „There's a game, you're my patient and I am your doctor“ he said. It was fun 'til he stared, 'til he touched my cheeks and ponytails and he yelled „Don't tell a soul, my dear!“ From this moment I lived in fear ...

Everytime I close my eyes I'm embraced by disgust. No way to defend myself, to run from the one in my life I'm supposed to trust. The smell of his breath makes me ache, peel the skin off his face with my fingernails ... again and again I get nailed right in front of his friends!

This is my requiem. This is the moment I fall apart. Where is my nemesis? I level my world for a brand-new start!

Clearly I've played your game for too long but today is the day and we switch the roles. All the pain made me strong, now it's time for the doctor to leave my home.

Stuck, wake up, by now it's all so clear, just let the fucker rest in pieces. Stop, now what? I've got the upper-hand cuz with you gone the nightmare ceases! Stop, wake up, you're having a bad dream? I'm your Krueger, you're my Elmstreet!

Take a shovel, dig a fucking hole. Dig deeper, dig deeper, dig deeper and bury the past of my life.

This is my requiem. This is the moment I fall apart. Where is my nemesis? I level my world for a brand-new start!

I am finding myself where I don't belong. You belong to me. Making amends when everything goes to waste. I will stay here! I'll be your friends, I'll be your soul, I'll be the guardian you'll never know! Still I don't know who you are. Fear me. Just ... fear me! Still I don't know who the fuck you are!

Sever the ties. Bury the lies of my life. Sever the ties. Bury the darkness inside. Sever the ties. Torn by the thoughts I despise. Sever the ties. We've never felt so alive ...!
Track Name: Here's To Hell
Please stop the world for me, one man is going down. It's all too much for me, another man is pulling out. Everyone you met so far loved you for the way you are. Retreat! I hope you find what
you wished for.

Selfless, giving in and up so much of all you loved for us.

You know that we will wait right here with pints of Coke and Crown. We salute you. We will salute you! Fuck the bitter
folks, re-live the time we've lost. No regrets!

Slammed it down and partied hard, the hours till we had to part. Without an end there is no second start. One million miles won't be enough to keep us from crossing the line. We defy!

We will fuck shit up, raise the curtain. Life is just a game we
dominate, standing our ground. Till the bitter end we stand. Raise the fucking curtain!

We stopped the world today, one man is down and out. Those shattered memories will slowly wear you out. Reflections, deceptions, those voices in your head. They tell you to do the things that get you hurt.

Stop to deny the mistakes they've made that made you cry! Pray for yourself when it all goes down and up in flames!
Track Name: Scapegoat
Blame everyone when you failed again. Drain all the life out of all of my veins. Change or as usual pretend you're a saint. Love? Sorry, lad, but this train's run off a long time ago.

So wrong, you're so wrong. Your point of view makes so much sense ... not! You're so wrong, it's time to shut you down. Shut them down!

I made up my mind, the time has come to rise. Choose your side, choose right! Here we stand watch the fires burn our homes, behold all the self-made gods. In the end we're the ones to pay the toll. Good luck to you on your way to hell.

Shut them down!

How can a single man be so sure he will never fall? You're so wrong. Yeah, you're so wrong! I can't belive that's what you tell me, tell me to my face ... you're so wrong, yeah, you're so wrong!

I can't fight this time. I tried - in vain. I can see you, no more hiding! I can hear you, I don't stop listening. I can't fight your smile, your world! Here we stand watch the fires burn our homes, behold all the self-made gods. In the end we're the ones to pay the toll. Good luck to you on your way to hell.
Track Name: WCDTOS (Six Years)
Six years ago we were thinking about how our future could be like. With a bond so strong, much too strong ... no one ever dared this one would break. I know you claim that it's all my fault. You wanna talk but then say nothing at all. You feel disgusted by the look on my face. Now the voice in my head says „Fuck you, I'm done with you!“

We stand at the edge of what's meant to last so long, this path is leading nowhere new. When hate's taking over and love's going under, let me go and don't you turn around!

Put it all aside, all the fights, all the lack of sympathy built up for a long time. Do you really wanna know what's going on in my mind? We were the truth that everyone would deny. We are the train that reached the end of the line. I am a prick and for god's sake: I know it, since the voice in my head said „I'm sick of this bullshit!“

Six years of regrets, six years and we failed ...

We stand at the edge of what's meant to last so long, this path is leading nowhere new. When hate's taking over and love's going under, let me go and don't you turn around!

Six years wasted, six years fading,
six years of regrets, of friendship and joy ...
I wouldn't trade for the world.
Track Name: Live And Let Nerd
I love those pretty curves. They tend to turn me on. So sharp, your looks could kill. I want you by my side from dusk till dawn. Black, flat and beautiful, my little queen of the living room. Turning up with every button I push, moaning „Honey, take your time, there is no need to rush.“

I wanna thank you for the time we spend all night and the passion that we share but I'll only keep you 'til your warranty expires.
There's only two more years so let's not waste any time!

People say you're just a waste of time. Let 'em talk cuz all that counts is that you're finally mine. When I'm with you then I know you're the one. I know I'll get it when I need it, 'til I'm physically done. And don't you tell me you don't feel the electricity. Just take a look at yourself, you are a huge
TV, damn right!

Track Name: Hang.In'
Sick of life? Well, there are ways to end it when you're done pitying yourself. Take a break, a really long one this time. What a gift to family and friends ...

When you complain that no one ever listens, don't forget you never made a sound and don't forget to find yourself some scapegoats! Nothing but a cowards way out.

Take a bow before you take your pills, hit the sky befor you hit the ground. Everybody's got friends in need, son. Cheese to the whine ... or would you rather find a way out?

Nothing more than a attention whore, cuz those you really suffer know to fake a real good smile. Heads up: grow up and would you please stop telling me how you wanna open up in the bath-tub?

If nothing's all you've gotta say I won't feel sorry for your ass. This is my way to show my gratitude. If life is all you really hate, don't hang around, don't leave no mess. You are by far the biggest douche of all!

Wanna be loved, wanna be touched? Guess all you need's just a pretty good ... f... - BIG TIME! This time, for the last time: We are not the same! Heard you got a date with a freight train.

So I guess you're all dead set against life, then I won't give a fuck. And for a day or so some might wonder why the hell they put your guts six feet under. If you wanna do it, don't you do it like the rest, say ... what about a swandive down the elevator-shaft? So if you're tired of the neverending plot, just do it like in the movies: End the scene with a „Cut!“

And don't you dare to threat me or you and me are through. You say you need attention? Let me tie the knot for you!
Track Name: Stripped
You know I am watching you, see everything you do. That moment of clarity when you show everything to me. I know when you're alone, when you're too weak to carry on. When you open your eyes and see you just gave everything to me!

I'm a liar.

You know I am listening for your smallest and greatest sins. Know the answers before you ask. Know the names of the stories that you like best. I can hear what you say, never stick to the rules of the games we play. Never have to explain all things I've done. Everything you relied on is gone!

They tell you that you have the power to choose and make you feel safe with a lame ass excuse. We are numbed, we were wronged! They won't stop at the lines that we've drawn and crawl up your ass
once the damage is done!

All you believed in, all you relied on's a lie or gone. Haven't we all been wronged? Haven't they gone too far? All you have seen and all you've experienced might be some lie that we carry on, tearing your soul apart.
Track Name: (U)Solution
Freedom, peace and all the bullshit ... call it luxury state of the art, when only death brings redemption. Graduate, then grab a gun and fight until you get blown apart. When you get home you'll be a man, son. Now go ... make Daddy proud!

The lucky bastard made it back in one piece, not like most of his friends. And while they rot in the desert he's just glad he made it through a war that just won't come to an end. But what stayed were
the nightmares of blood in the sand.

Bloodstains on the concrete ... oh, would take away the pain? Those damn pictures in my head ...

A bunch of friends, a box of beer, two guys who weren't too fond of his past. And in the end he snapped. They picked a fight, he picked a gun and shot those fuckers straight in the face – a point-blank execution

... burn!

Oh, my God! Burn me alive, it's my time to die! Cuffed up, locked up like a beast, they walked him right in front of the judge. „Now, that is your hero of war?“ First they trained him, then they blamed him, asked him „What the fuck's you excuse?“ „I just did what I got paid for ...“
Track Name: ONE: Desire
I cannot deny that every night I come home, I try to find more than empty eyes cuz in the mirror I see all the evidence I need.

Come, sit by my side, sing me a last lullaby, all I want is to sleep. No, this heart ain't dry. This heart's soaked in gasoline, ready to be lit!

Oh, somebody call, somebody care, somebody answer me. No, nobody called, nobody cared, nobody answered me. No one here to stare at me ... don't let me die alone!

Can't we have just a taste of what's to come? Can't we have what it takes to belong to where we are?

Her name was Juliette, she said. She lived upstate all by herself. Cuz Juliette just lost her dad, some tragic accident, I guess. I never wondered how, I never questioned why. No promises! No false regrets! The loneliness I dread ... I either die all by myself or taste the bitterness instead.

So all the pity is gone with the little I know. She disappeared and I'm left alone. Without telling a soul, not even leaving a note ... just gone. Oh, all the hours we've lost, all the minutes we fell behind, all the beating inside. Now the pity is gone, with the little I know. I discovered why I cared and bothered. Why I can't surrender. Why I can't just rest and close my eyes!
Track Name: TWO: Despair
Ok, here we go again. Same shit different day, thoughts in my head. So many questions unanswered, gotta find a way out of this maze, out of this darkness. Counting the days, making my crosses. Already used up all my sources. I'm tired ... feels like a higher force holding me down, holding back the answers ... but I need to know the truth. I need to know it now.

Pray for it, not prepared for it. I cannot wait. Nothing will ever be like before, drowning myself in her undertow. I'm trying to calm my mind. Drawn to it, just like prey to bait – there's no escape! All I can do is retrace the steps, checking the messages on my desk to find some clues inside.

I don't know you!

I don't know, I don't know who you are!

Ok, here we go again. Same shit, different day, thoughts in my head. Too many questions unanswered, gotta find a way. It might seem dumb, it might look crazy. Lost in this web daily. Killing time finding this lady. It's like a drug, like an addiction. Hooked and I can't tell real from fiction. Lost on my mission. Alone. Gotta find you, need to find
you but still

I don't know, I don't know who you are.

All the places that I've been to. All the pictures that I've seen. But they all cannot explain whatever you are hiding from me. I want the truth to be revealed. Your secret's save with me and I don't care whatever demon I'll see.

And now we teeter on the brink of collapse! Does it make you happy to keep me in the dark for so long? I might be wrong. And haven't we already reached the point of no return? All hope is gone.
Track Name: THREE: Death
Blind, giving in to desire. Scarred by the face of despair. My journey's at its end and I'm tired. I'm worn out but finally there!

I'm alone and I'm scared and all I need is shelter. I'm my own best
friend and the only person I can trust. Never opened myself, never owned up to my past ... hiding in the dark since the moment I got

lost, giving in to desire. Death beats my despair.

I saw her shadow walking down a lonely avenue. Now that I've reached my destination I don't know what to do. I can't pretend her sight wasn't scaring me, despite the bullshit everyone at home was telling me. She turned around, made a call, with eyes that tell they're scared of what the hell is going on. The ache, the warmth ... I know I would have done the same. Who would have thought that such a simple blade could change my game ...